Kemball References

Here’s what clients say about Peter Kemball and the value that he has brought to their organizations.


“I have known Peter for many years. He provides a valuable service to help companies grow and thrive. Those who work with him benefit from his prudent approach to business and sage advice. High integrity and highly professional, I would recommend dealing with Peter in any capacity.”

Eliot Burdett, Peak Consulting.


“I have known Peter Kemball for just about 10 years on a professional basis. Peter has always been extremely helpful, never hesitating to provide advice and share his experience. His genuine desire to help coupled with his integrity and experience make him a strong and resourceful ally in today’s challenging business environment.”

Ken A. Stewart, President, GAPC & GAPC Entertainment Inc.


“Peter provided BBG with access to growth capital to help fund our COGS. This facilitated delivery on contracts, and was the single most important growth driver for BBG. Peter’s insights in growing and establishing a market presence was a significant value add to the access to capital. If you have the opportunity to have Peter get involved with your business – take it. You will be very pleased.”

John Gabriel, President and Chairman at BBG Management Corporation


“Peter Kemball provided the MessageWise management team with a broad range of extremely valuable advice and assistance. It included flexible sales-driven invoice financing, wise bank relationship management tactics, and experienced strategic financing counsel. I unreservedly and highly recommend Peter’s services to any and all entrepreneurs.”

Steve Denison, Co-founder, MessageWise


“A few years ago, Peter pulled together an investment team and developed a first-rate royalty-based financing solution for our new product. It was a real ‘win-win’ for all concerned.”

Barry McLoughlin, President of McLoughlin Media and author of “Communicate with Power”® series of pocket tips books.