Do more with what you have and keep more of what you have struggled to achieve.

Young Canadian companies with high growth-rate ambitions struggle to gain access to capital because of a lack of knowledge of how and whom to ask and how to deploy it for maximum results.

The Kemball Group focuses on high-growth Canadian entrepreneurs who want to sustain 20% plus year-over-year growth for 10 years or more. We help these Canadian innovators beat the odds in building highly successful businesses, without giving up control.

Only when you do really well, do we do well.

Providing the right kind of support

Most high-growth entrepreneurs struggle with

  • the time and the expertise to assess their situation
  • determining the pros and cons of fast growth for their business and for them
  • what they need to do to grow and figure out how
  • who does what when

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Avoiding the pitfalls of growth

Most entrepreneurs believe that they need other peoples’ money to grow their business, angel and venture capital in particular.

Unfortunately many waste time chasing this kind of capital where the odds of getting it are less than 1 in 40.

Tragically, some of those who should get such money do not, solely because they are ill prepared.

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